• Targeted Email Marketing

    Targeted emails from Group C are aimed at relevant consumers who have shown interest in services or products like yours and have been influenced to purchase through email marketing in the past.

    Group C is able to improve your campaigns success by assisting in subject line development, design, deliverability and messaging within the email to not only hit that inbox, but to be opened, clicked and converted. Based on your audience behavior, Group C delivers hyper-targeted ads across multiple devices spanning a variety of media channels.

    Targeted Email marketing from Group C


    Bells + Whistles.

    • Double opt-in database of 135 million emails with matching postal addresses
    • Specific geographic targeting capabilities
    • 400+ data selects including Age, Income, Habits and Hobbies
    • In-depth live tracking and reporting platforms
    • Proprietary delivery system for optimized inbox placement
    • 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow all DMA guidelines
    • Retarget - Send an additional email to users that opened
    No-Bot Guarantee from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Real users only.

    Group C is committed to delivering bot-free traffic. We use two third party bot detection companies, in addition to our own proprietary methods to identify and filter bots in real time. We will reach your click through rate goal with valid visitors.

    Data hygiene from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    We keep it clean.

    Group C removes invalid email addresses to start your campaign with a clean validated list. Email validation can drastically cut your hard-bounce rates, thus improving your email delivery and inbox placement.

    2% Click Guarantee from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Performance is our promise.

    Group C provides multi-channel marketing campaigns while keeping costs low and ROI high by identifying your ideal customer and driving them to your website. We guarantee click volume equal to at least 2% of your broadcast quantity.

    Retarget email opens from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Increase results.

    Send an additional email to recipients that opened your first message. Retargeting strategically engages an audience that has already expressed interest in your brand, industry or service. This technique works the same way as traditional site retargeting, but allows you to target email openers rather than website visitors.

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