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    Welcome to Group C. We are a solution-driven, full-service digital marketing + consulting firm in Des Moines, Iowa. We collaborate with the biggest names in digital to create a handcrafted digital marketing strategy for your business.

  • What We Do

    Targeted digital advertising and marketing from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Relationships + Experience = Results.

    We specialize in digital campaign management, placement, optimization and measurement. With more than 20 years of digital marketing experience, we can help you lay out a road-map of which vendors to partner with and help you place media in an efficient and measurable way.

    Digital sales and google analytics training from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Targeting meets performance.

    Targeted emails from Group C are aimed at relevant consumers who have shown interest in services or products like yours and have been influenced to purchase through email marketing in the past. Great for automotive dealerships, home builders, hospitality and retailers.

    Online and Offline Attribution from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Is your advertising working?

    Marketing attribution enables marketers to know exactly which marketing efforts result in new customer acquisition. Maximizing sales means connecting the dots between marketing touch points and actual buyers of your products, not just visitors to your website.

    Media Strategy and consulting from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Advertising is complex.

    We examine your digital or traditional media and make recommendations on which channels bring you the most value and work to improve ROI on your behalf.

    Digital sales and google analytics training from Group C in Des Moines, Iowa


    Knowing is half the battle.

    We help your marketing or sales teams understand how to interpret Google Analytics and digital campaign reporting to turn them into meaningful stories. Recommended for client-facing sales teams who want to retain + upsell digital advertising or internal marketing directors or advertising decision makers who want to better understand how to evaluate digital marketing vendors.

  • Collaborators

    We partner with some of the biggest names in digital to give you access to just the right amount of data and audience. We manage the service and keep your campaign on track with weekly or monthly reporting against your campaign goals.

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